System Integration

Enterprise application integration services are provided to enable seamless integration across diverse technologies, locations and infrastructures. We use appropriate technologies to cater to the needs of client and offer a wide range of options in computer networking, enterprise application integration, business process management to standardize and optimize business processes.

Optimal usage of resources and reduced cost of ownership are our key differentiators which ensure our customers significant advantage over competitors. We provide our clients the capability to have an integrated environment, at the same time provide enhanced security and views and transformations based on needs of different roles within the organiztion.

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E-commerce Solutions

We provide e-Commerce solutions and help you take your business to the next level! It has been observed that the percentage of internet users shopping online is increasing significantly day by day. While brick and mortar shops have sales from 9AM - 5PM and with the constraints of the locality, online market provides the opportunity to sell 24 hours a day and without any constratints based on geography, without additional costs.

We help our clients create a safe, user-friendly environment and make the task of managing updates to current products as well as introducing new products very easy, at the same time make the shopping experience fun for your growing clientele!

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 Web Designing & Development

Designing a website is not just about looking good and giving a good feel to the visitors, it's about the art and method of creating an effective online presence to best represent the image and identity of your business. We use latest technologies, processes and tools to build secure and reliable websites. We develop websites, web applications, database driven sites. We also ensure that the websites are search engine optmized.

We also take up corporate intranet design and development which can help the businesses implement critical MIS functions, help in managing and improving business processes to manage day-to-day operations and build capabilities to have role based dashboards for different management levels to set goals and track the progress on a continuous basis.

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Business Consulting

With expertise across various business domains, we help our clients in strategic planning. This involves analysis of business processes and help by providing optimized and scalable process model, achieving increased sales, reduced cycle time, reduce cost, financial planning, IT systems planning,etc. Our services will help you in transforming your business and improve your position in the market in a very short time.

We guide our customers through a complete analysis of the business processes based on multiple dimensions like cost, time and resource utilization and skills requirement. Based on the analysis of processes and implementing appropriate solutions, we help in reducing the costs, improving the quality of products and services and bring about a significant improvement in customer satisfaction.

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Quality Assurance & Testing

We offer a comprehensive range of Quality Assurance testing services like Integration/Systems Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing, Performance and Load Testing etc. Test Automation solutions are provided right from feasibility study and choice of methodology to execution.Provide end to end services from identifying the overall test planning to development of test plans, execution, test result assessment and notification to stakeholders.

We offer a wide range of solutions which can be customized based on the suitability to the client needs. We also ensure that specialized services of quality assurance is maintained by dedicated teams so that they bring a totally independent perspective to testing and validation.

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 Business Intelligence & Datawarehousing

We provide state-of-the-art Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing services to clients. We help in analyzing and organizing vast amount of unstructured business-critical information into meaningful hierarchical and multidimensional entities and retrieving the same after intelligent transformations and complex processing steps and finally delivering accurate, consistent and timely information to various stakeholders based on their requirements.

The team having experience with a wide range of tools used in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, will help clients use the appropriate technology and achieve optimal results. We provide solutions to cater all needs of our clients from traditional tools to create multi-dimensional reports to using current analytics solutions with functions such as trend analysis of user behaviour and develop custom solutions for pattern recognition.

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